Hi my name is Gigi and I am currently a junior here at Rutgers! I love being with my friends and having a good time. I came up with the Idea of "Jungle Escape" and I hope you enjoy our game!

Hi! My name is Kate and I am on the Rutgers Crew Team. I want to major in communication with a minor in education. I want to earn my masters degree in elementary education. Enjoy our game!

Hey guys! My name is Sam and I am a junior at Rutgers. When I am not working hard on my studies I am rowing for the Rutgers Crew Team. I love to play games and I hope you have fun playing ours!

Hello! My name is Kristy and I love playing sports. I enjoy running and rowing. I work hard all day and put my best into everything I do. I hope to one day become a speech therapist. Have fun playing our game!!!