Jungle Escape Rules

To begin the game:

-Start at the village on the topmost level of the game board. Move counterclockwise around the board.
-Each player will roll the die, and whomever rolls the lowest number goes first. Proceed clockwise.
-Each player should choose four resource cards. Chose one card at a time in game order until all players have four cards.
-If a player rolls a 6at any time during the game, that player loses a turn.

Game Play:
-Roll the die and move the appropriate number of spaces.

-JUNGLE ESCAPE cards will be chosen on every turn. Read aloud and follow the directions.

-If a resource card can be used, discard to the bottom of the pile and do not pick up another card. 

NOTE: It is possible for each player to have less than four resource cards.  You must not draw new resource cards until the next level or trading post is reached. Once you descend to the next level, you may pick up as many resource cards as needed until you hold four in your hand.  You may never exceed four resource cards. 

-At the end of each level there is a village space where you will descend a level. At the time you change levels, you cannot pick up a JUNGLE ESCAPE card. 

-If you land on a village space, you will have the choice to trade one RESOURCE card.

-On each level there are TRADING POST spaces. TRADING POST spaces are designated by a picture of a hut. Do NOT pick a JUNGLE ESCAPE card.

-At each TRADING POST a player will have the choice to barter with another player for a new resource; however, you are only allowed to deny trade three times throughout the game.

-If you have fewer than four cards, instead of trading, you may pick a new resource card.


-You may opt to trade resource cards with your opponents if you land on a trading post.  However, if you land on a trading post you may opt to not trade and instead draw one resource card.

-To trade/barter, first choose the opponent you wish to trade with. 

-You may request any resource from your opponent, and may negotiate any way you wish to attain that resource.

-As the opponent in the trade, you have the ability to decline 3 different negotiations throughout the course of the game, so use them wisely!

-During any trading session, a trade between resources must be made, there can be no withdrawls.

Life Level Index Chart:

-Each player will recieve one life level index chart.

-There are three divisions on the life level index chart listed as health, water, and food.  These divisions represent your overall life level shown by a series of circles at the bottom of the Life Level Index chart.

-Throughout game play, JUNGLE ESCAPE cards may indicate a degradation of one of the 3 divisions. 

-If a resource can be used, do not degrade; however, you must discard the resource card without choosing another.

-If resource cannot be used, degrade in the appropriate division.

-If a jump is made, designated by gap between circles, you must degrade a LIFE level by one.

-If at any point during the game you have reached a life level of one, you must remove your piece from the board and discontinue play. You are deceased!