Week 5 04/22/2009

Today is our last day to work in class on our projects. We are finishing our game board and cutting out all of our cards so others can play.


Today is an exciting yet hectic day for the team. We are working together in preparing our game for play. 

We are currently designing  our life level index table and cutting out our cards. 

With every group comes challenges are struggles. While trying to print out our board, the size printed smaller than our original idea. So day we have a black and white flat style of our board. 

Week 3 04/08/2009

Today we are ready to work! 

We found a game similar to ours called Outdoor Survival. The game gave us some good ideas and allowed us to think more about what other possibilities we could add to our game. We decided to add a life level index chart which consists of health,food, and water indexes. 

We finished designing the research cards and the scenario cards. We were also able to complete our box design! Everyone is working to best complete this game and it is becoming exciting as work to complete our ideas! 

Finally we took pictures of the group and started to add things to our website!

Week 2 04/01/2009

Day 2 in creating Jungle Escape, we created a final plan for the game board.  The game board is to be 3-dimensional with four tiers, each tier representing a level of the jungle [emergent layer, canopy, understory, and floor].  More specifically we came to a final conclusion with dimensions, shape, and general appearance.  
There has also been consistent work with the newly identified strategy for the game.  The game has been changed from a true chance game for younger children to a more challenging strategic skill game for those of all ages.  Initially the game involved dice to move and cards which proposed issues and required you to move around the game board.  This week and last week the group incorporated worst case scenarios and resources to complicate play. 

We are continuing to research worst case scenarios that occur in the jungle and resources to in short save you from the given circumstance.  

First Post! 03/25/2009
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